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Monday Links and Bullets 10.24.11

Every Monday I post a summary of links I’ve found over the past week as I read on the net.  There’s usually enough variety for everyone to find something of interest.  On Fridays I post a summary of the most clicked link of that week.  Recently on Wednesdays I’ve been doing a post of something “On My Mind”.  Without further ado, here are this week’s links, with some personal bullet points below (hence the title . . . Links and Bullets!!)


–I am opposed to abortion.  Big surprise.  Here’s a stat that might just shock you, however.


–A great article from a famous pastor, and what it’s like to be a famous pastor.

Top 10 preaching mistakes.  Good to think about.  I’m sure I’ve made most of them.

What do you worship? (this a really challenging read)

Take a couple minutes and at least learn what this ministry is doing.  Watch the video on the site for a short explanation for why they do what they do.

Are evangelical Christians dangerous?


More money = more trouble for married folks.

Boomtown – in North Dakota?  This is a fascinating look at how the economy is taking off in this never heard of place.

–Airlines are nickel and diming – here is a list of dumb fees.


  • Looking forward to getting a couple down days.
  • We are in a holding pattern with our foster daughter.  Nothing will change until a hearing in February which will determine permanent custody.  Once that’s determined, then a future hearing would decide who adopts.
  • What an outstanding missions conference at Goss this weekend.  I was blessed and challenged by each missionary who came and shared.  I hope the same can be said for each person who attended and took part.
  • I am a Christian, and while that means I may believe things in a nonbeliever’s life are sinful, it doesn’t mean I hate the person.  My primary prayer is to introduce someone to Jesus and His love.  Once that takes hold, I’ll pray the individual will hate their own sin without any of my help!  The further consequence is a realization that if the person never believes in Jesus, then there is eternal punishment called hell.  I pray this would motivate me and all believers as we share our faith and care for people.
  • I am struck by the language of repentance.  If I’m wondering out loud, how much do I coddle my sin rather than completely turning away from it?  In the kingdom of God, people turn away from their sin.
  • Last Friday David and Lexi were off school for a scheduled day off in Akron.  David woke up and wondered what the people on the Price Is Right were going to win.  I love it!

IPAD 2 CONTEST:  My two year anniversary of writing this blog is coming up.  To celebrate, for those who read this blog my wife and I will be giving away an iPad 2.  The drawing will be November 7.  The contest and rules will be available next Monday October 31.  You will have one week to complete a 20 question quiz about the past year of blog entries.  Those e-mailing at least 15 correct answers will be entered in a drawing for a new or refurbished iPad 2.  Winner will be notified November 7.  There will be no restrictions for who can win (other than my wife!).  If you don’t prefer the iPad 2, we will help directly pay a bill that would help you out.  This contest is nothing more than a challenge to freely give away something I really want.  I really hope whoever wins or gets some free help is truly blessed by it!

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