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Monday Links and Bullets 1.7.13

First post of the New Year.  Some decent articles (links) followed by a few of my own thoughts below (bullets).  Be challenged, and enjoy!

Weekly Links

Link of the Week

Parenting and responding to Newtown.  A week or so old, but a good collection of thoughts here.  Worth the read.

Christian Faith

ABORTION: Time Magazine says the pro choice movement is losing ground.  Encouraging, but this Christian blogger (Russell Moore is one of my favorites) offers some perspective.

KIDS and TRUTH:  I have been struggling about how to appropriately teach my children the things I believe.  Here’s a short article promoting a resource that made me think.

INTROVERTS:  Here’s a book review about a book about introversion.  It’s helpful to think through if you’re an introvert.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Here’s a neat little infographic about 2012 and social media.

Bullet Thoughts for the Week


  • I listened to John Piper’s farewell message early this morning.  You can find it on the Desiring God blog if you like (it’s from about a week ago), but it is very typical of how he has challenged me to think about life and leading.
  • I really believe God is going to do some amazing things this year.  Really.
  • Pray for us in Kenmore.  Next week we will be praying for 165 hours straight.  This effort, led by First Glance, our local youth/young adult/moms outreach, is very exciting.  I’m praying for FG as they host, and I’m praying for God to move and be at work in powerful ways.
  • I am praying through family leadership and discipleship.  Like anything else, it takes faith because you know you can’t be successful on your own.


  • The Browns will find a coach, and for those saying Shurmur would be better than other candidates, I disagree.  Shurmur regularly looked lost and made terrible decisions.  Not to mention the sloppiness of play at times.  All of those things are directly related to coaching.
  • Title game tonight.  I’ll be happy if either team wins, but I really want to watch a good game.  I hope for a great game.
  • I don’t care that hockey is back.  Sorry, hockey-loving friends.


  • There are not a lot of people like me at the gym on Monday mornings.  Probably a good thing.
  • I do a lot of reading on the web and I get really annoyed when I’m trying to read an article and some advertisement comes up before I can read the article I’m trying to get to.  Grrr.
  • I’ve enjoyed the snow.  Sounds like we’re in for a week of warmer weather.  I hope we get some more snow.  The best thing about warmer weather . . . the heating bill is less!
  • School started back up for the kids today.  The funky-ness of holidays on Tuesdays is now over and the routine can continue.  For us, it’s been a good break with lots of family time and rest.

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