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Monday Links and Bullets 1.23.12

Happy Monday. Good reading and some various thoughts. I hope you enjoy, get challenged, and love God more!



–Yesterday was “Sanctity of Life” Sunday. A friend posted that it’s a shame we should even have to have such a thing. I agree. Here is a link that shows eight ways we can live under a pro-choice president as Christians. Leave it to the Desiring God people to give us something good and redeeming to think about.


–How to have tough conversations with your child.

–Take two minutes and meditate on this quote.

–A big Supreme Court win for religious freedom.

–Here’s a great list of resources for healthy sexual relationships in marriage. Even if you’re single read through some of this – it will help.


–This article has some excellent insight on why cars don’t appeal to young people as much anymore.

–Here’s a quick glimpse from the other side of the globe: apps in India.

Top apps by age.


  • I’ve got a fairly busy day for my day “off”, so last night I was kind of worried I wouldn’t have the time to relax. Well, I woke up at 3:30 this morning and have had such a wonderful time feeding my mind and soul with sermons, reading, listening, etc. that I won’t have to miss that part of my Monday routine. Praise God for re-directing my thoughts to Him.
  • Today is definitely a big day.
  • Last week was a week of focused prayer for the community of Kenmore, where we live. I am usually not one to judge things by emotion or how things felt (unless of course it’s a rock concert). This week was truly an amazing experience. The little prayer room at First Glance had a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. It was outstanding to know that all week someone was praying for this community. I believe more now than I ever have that God is going to do great things to glorify Himself!
  • I have been meditating a lot about the the holiness of God. I’ve been reading and listening to lots of good stuff – it’s really been encouraging. Take some time to think about how amazing it is that God is perfect, and that there really isn’t a word that can describe how perfect and holy He is.
  • Couple of good football games yesterday, ey? Too bad errors defined the outcomes of both of them. I’d rather have the play that WAS made be the defining moment of the game rather than the play that wasn’t.


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