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Monday Links and Bullets 1.21.13

One more Monday in January after this one.  Hallelujah!  Here are this week’s links (articles I hope challenge you) and bullet thoughts (my somewhat organized ramblings).


Link of the Week

Where have all the positive Americans gone?  A great little insight, and one that really resonated with the way I’ve been thinking.


A friend of mine has a great post about how powerful it is when you know who you are.  Thanks Josiah!

Lance Armstrong – how could we even tell if he was still lying? Good question.

Some good advice for helping girls struggling with their bodies and identities.

Christian History

Prayer and fasting during the Salem Witch trials.


Last week I posted an article about shootings in Akron.  Here’s one about prayer.  Many churches participated in this and they are extending it out another year!

This is why I like John Piper so much.  He has a great heart to teach people. These videos are both worth your time.


Life and Faith

  • Julie and I got away last weekend for an overnight.  It was a great weekend to spend time together, talk about our lives in a large scope as a new year dawns, and relax.
  • I am passionate about the Sanctity of Human Life.  Here is the first sermon I’ve preached about the topic (from yesterday’s morning service). I believe there are a number of things we can do to positively influence our national culture, but especially the areas we live.  And we should!
  • I am excited to see God doing things and moving in people’s lives.  It was awesome to be a part of praying for Kenmore last week.  Almost every hour of the whole entire week was covered in prayer at the First Glance building here in Kenmore.  Can’t wait to see what God is doing.
  • I’m really hoping to get some time blocked out for planning sermons this week.  I am really excited to look through Mark 12-13 in the next several weeks.  Many great things coming up!


  • Wow is the Super Bowl going to be luscious.  Can’t wait to see these two teams square off.  I just want to see a good game.  So many story-lines.
  • An early prediction for next year: Browns will go 8-8.
  • I haven’t watched too much college basketball.  I think that’s what February is for once football is over.
  • Three weeks till pitchers and catchers report.  ‘Nuff said.

Four Thoughts:

  • The peace of the inauguration really stood out to me.
  • I am sure people in the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir oppose gay marriage.  Why were they allowed to participate and Louie Giglio wasn’t?
  • I think gas prices should be lower.  Low $3 range is NOT exciting.  I am not conditioned to think it’s good.
  • I think most of our politicians are serving themselves and the interests that got them elected rather than the people who elected them.

Have a great week everyone!

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