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Monday Links and Bullets – 1.2.12

First Monday of 2012.  I’ve been piling up some links. Time to unload:



Question your pastor!  Respectfully, of course, but this is a good article.


Does Bible study change your life?

–A great read about marriage as 2012 kicks off.  It’s okay if love in marriage is a duty.

–Speaking of marriage, here’s a good read from CNN.

One of my favorite blog posts from 2011.


Crazy accident – and tragedy.

Wal-Mart scooter bumper cars.

–One city is buying the homeless a one way ticket out of town.

–On college campuses – mental health issues or excuses?

–Either you have Taliban ringtones on your phone – or you die.


  • Not sad to see 2011 go.  Ready for a new year.
  • I’m definitely ready to relax a bit today and watch some football and hang out with the kids.
  • Intentional, intentional, intentional. Be intentional with your time.  Otherwise you will tend toward your weaknesses.
  • Realistic goals are better than wild resolutions that will surely fail.
  • Best resolution I saw for 2012 was 1600 X 900.
  • It has been great to spend time with family over the past week.  That’s for sure!
  • It’s nice to get a little snow.  Doubt we’ll get a whole lot on this blast, but oh well.
  • The calling of a disciple of Jesus Christ has little to do with fear.  We should be aware of how other great values (but not necessarily Biblical) can prevent us from answering the call in specific ways.
  • How much authority does Jesus have in our lives?  It’s good to think about.  If you’re a believer, how many decisions that you make show that Christ has little authority?
  • At the onset of 2012, some things I value:  Jesus, wife and family, true friends, strong leaders.


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