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Monday Links and Bullets 1.17.11

Here are some links I wanted to share this week:


–I’ve been thinking a lot over the past several years regarding education.  Here is a YouTube video that was forwarded to me.  I’d love to have an honest discussion on this one.


Legalized Christian publishing in China?

I disagree with John Piper.

–This is a good publication put out by Gospel for Asia.  Take a look if you don’t know much about what they do.

One of the best things I’ve read about the Tuscon tragedy.

–Several different writers’ attempt to summarize the Bible in one sentence.

–The gospel applies to how we live as much as how it applies to what happens to us when we die.


–Just imagine if this happened here.


–I had a chance to talk to several  of our church’s college age folks about the passage I was going to preach – right before I got to preach it.  It would be very nice to have the opportunity to hear other people talk about the passage each week as I prepared to preach.

–MLK Jr. fought hard against racist thoughts and tendencies.  How are we different today?  Are you different in any way as you think about racial issues?  Should you be?

–Hmmm.  Brett Favre has filed retirement papers with the NFL.  Who cares?

–Less than a month till pitchers and catchers report.

–I have been fascinated by AIG (the Creation museum people) and their attempt to build a lifesize Ark in the same region of Kentucky.  If you know nothing about this, here is their website.  I am really taken aback by local media’s response to this.  Maybe I shouldn’t be?

–Praying for:  revival, friends, those hospitalized, upcoming missions ventures for people we know, WISDOM, and a growing, deepening love and fire for Jesus.

–Have a great week.  Let me know if there is any specific way I can lift anyone up in prayer.  Feel free to e-mail requests to my inbox!


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