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Monday Links and Bullets 1.14.13

Second Monday of the year!  I don’t know about you, but I always feel like January takes the longest. So, progress is progress.  As usual, I share some articles I find interesting and challenging (links) and then some thoughts on random topics (bullets).  Enjoy, and be challenged!


Link of the Week

CHURCH HISTORY: Here is a good re-telling of an incredible event in Church History.

The Christian Faith

LOUIE GIGLIO: Every American, Bible believing Christian should know what happened with Pastor Giglio.  He was asked to do the benediction for President Obama’s inauguration and then was un-invited to do so.  Why? Because he believes the conservative Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teaching of Scripture regarding marriage.  And the fact of that matter is that no matter how much you contribute to society (he was originally invited for his work fighting slavery and human trafficking), if you believe homosexuality is a sin then you are not worthy of being in the public sphere in the United States of America.

Here is a summary of articles written about this (from a Christian perspective).

Here are my two favorites:  Russell Moore calls it a State Church (rightly so) and Al Mohler calls it moral McCarthyism (also correct).

SIN JUST DOESN’T PAY: Six reasons sin will NEVER satisfy.


A HUGE PROBLEM: In my estimation, this is in the top three things that is wrong with society as a whole.

A WAKE UP CALL: This story is reality.  It’s going on here in Akron.  Time to stop talking and start praying.


Bible and Worship

  • I really thought the “Sad, you see” joke about the Sadducees was pretty common.  Several people told me they hadn’t heard it.  It certainly wasn’t original.  And, officially, I blame all bad jokes on spending 10 years ministering with Pastor Bud (wink, wink).
  • From yesterday’s sermon: Are there parts of the Bible you’re simply not planning on obeying, or believing?  If you’re claiming to be a Christian and simply don’t want to give certain parts of your thinking or living over to God, then you’re just like the Sadducees (and Pharisees) who want to have Scripture on their own terms instead of God’s.
  • Listen to God’s Word (hint, hint: read it!).  It’s powerful and can truly change the way you think and live (for the better!)
  • Thought: I read on someone’s Twitter account a quote goes something like this (I think the quote was from Tozer): if you can’t worship on Monday, then you didn’t get enough out of Sunday!


  • It was quite a weekend of football.  Three of the four games were thrilling in their own right.  The Pats-Texans game was a dud, and many expected that.  I think the high scoring is more a result of the talented offenses than the change in rules.
  • I am pulling for the Ravens, but picking SF-NE for the Super Bowl, with a 49ers championship (just like the old days!).  If the 49ers win, it will make me feel young again (haha).
  • CLEVELAND: Actually, I am excited by new Browns coach Chudzinski.  He seems aggressive which I think the team has lacked for a long time.

Decision Making

  • We are in a general pattern in our lives where several decisions are going to be required in the coming weeks and months.  They are a mixture of financial, family, and schedule related.  Simply, we want to make the most of our lives for the kingdom! It will be good to have some time this weekend to focus on this.  Prayers accepted!
  • Someone shared last night that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is application.  If you can apply your knowledge, you are wise.  Good food for thought.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Patty Burkholder says:

    The story about the missionaries teaches so much about being fearless for Christ, forgiveness, and the power of the gospel.

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