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Monday Links 12.26.11: Top 10 Links of 2011

Here are the top ten articles I linked to from my blog in the past 12 months, beginning at number 1 (most clicked). The only comment I will make is I’m glad these articles are mostly challenging. Don’t shy away from the tough stuff!

1. AIG kicked out of homeschool conferences (scroll down for original article)

2. A difficult post to read, but it gives perspective. This is a mom writing a goodbye to her daughter.

3. Incredible photos.

4. Surprising abortion statistic.

5. Motherhood is a calling. This post tells it like it is, from a mother’s perspective. Good for fathers to read too.

6. The gruesome reality of child sacrifice.

7. My personal favorite article of 2011. This guy lives courageously for Christ.

8. Some good commentary on the people involved in the occupy movement.

9. Seven reasons Halloween judgment houses miss the mark.

10. Incrementally introducing your children to the world. An article that will make parents think, even if they agree, disagree, or somewhere in between.

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