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Monday Challenge 9.16.13

The noise of our street getting a new coat of pavement is sweet music to my ears.  Now, onto Monday’s challenge.  Enjoy some articles that will make you think. I found these as I browsed over the past week.  Friday I’ll post a feature with the article that is most clicked by the readers.

Link of the Week

Some would have us believe that the creation account is a story.  Further, some would have us believe that Adam and Eve were not real people. This article does a great job of showing the consequences of saying Adam and Eve weren’t real human beings.

Question: Does your belief in Genesis’ accuracy really have an implication on how you interpret the Bible?

The Christian Faith

1. Do people sing in church as much, especially men? Read this article for their point of view.

Question: Men, what is the main reason you do or don’t sing in a worship service?

2. This article talks about how to destroy your marriage before it begins.  There are very helpful hints in here about sexual intimacy prior to your marriage vs. in your marriage.

Question: If you’ve been married for several years, can you identify a difference in your thinking about sex now vs. pre-marriage?

3. For women, here is a great article about your identity.  I know it talks about Miley and we might just be tired of that, but get past that and think about how women are really finding their identity. (A good article for men to read, too)

Question: Does the Bible inform our identities more than culture does?

4. Christian history: take two minutes and read about this guy.

Question: Is it easy for you to think history is irrelevant?


The Big Ten is not a relevant football conference. I agree with this article very much.

Question: How much will the weakness of the conference hurt Ohio State?

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