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Monday Challenge – Social Media Heart Check, Weak in Suffering, Hilarious Video

social media

Monday has arrived again. Football season is over. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than two weeks. Up for a challenge today? I hope so!

Social Media Heart Check

Excellent questions to evaluate what we do on social media. Definitely worth your time.

Question: Which of these points challenged the most?

Weakness In Suffering

This article does a GREAT job with something all believers need to evaluate. Does our righteous anger really mean we don’t trust God?

Question: How can you stay stronger in suffering?

When You Sin

Sin remains an unfortunate reality in believers’ lives. This article should help you through!

Question: Which of the comforts has the most promise for you?


I know what’s coming every time I watch this. And it’s hilarious every time. You may not find this funny, but I sure do. It’s only a couple minutes, so you won’t waste a big chunk of your day if you hate it.

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