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Monday Challenge – Parenting Balance, Sexual Sin and Repentance, Forgiveness

Good morning,

I’m glad to be back after a short break for vacation and missions travel. If a challenge sounds dull, you wouldn’t have your eyes on this site right now. Go!

Dad, Thanks for Not (Always) Showing Up

The content of this should challenge. I’m not totally sure about the way he communicates (or the bad grammar – personal bias), but he makes some points worth digesting.

Question: What standards do you let other parents place on you?

Sexual Sin and Repentance

Can you repent without changing? This article does a great job of speaking about sexual sin, recovery, and repenting – all from a counselor’s perspective.

Question: How would you approach the topic with someone coming to you for advice?

Questions, And Developing A Culture In Which to Ask Them

This smattering of thoughts about question-asking cultures will force some good thinking and action (imagine that!)

Question: How much do you value questions?


What a challenging way to evaluate whether you need to forgive. Very practical!

Question: Honestly, does this challenge you to forgive someone?

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