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Monday Challenge 9.9.13

It’s Monday.  This Monday has definitely been a challenge. I hope these articles are a good type of challenge in your life! Friday I’ll be along with a feature on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Is some sexual activity wrong? How you answer this question matters, and this article does a great job in helping you think about what’s going on in the world around us.

Question: If the world acknowledges some right and wrong, who decides where the line is drawn?

The Christian Faith

1. On Miley: I think it’s worth thinking on the topic. This article from a young woman in our church is helpful.

Question: Do double standards matter to you?

2. False teaching: When it’s appropriate to call someone out publicly.

Question: Do encouraging things people teach help weigh out the false things they say? Be careful here!

3. Youth: Here’s a great article for anyone parenting or working with youth. Challenge them!

Question: Do you ever wish the term “adolescence” wasn’t available to use?

4. Life: God really does have a plan – at all times.

Question: Are you frustrated your life hasn’t gone according to your plan?

5. Syria: This is an important topic. Very important.  Here are three Christian approaches to conflict. I found this article very helpful.

Question: Which of these three do you most align with? Why?

6. Two articles on parenting: 1) Are you introverted? Here are some tips. 2) Don’t push your kids too hard.  Have some perspective.

Question: If you read either article, which point is most helpful to you and why?


The iPhone really has had a dramatic effect on life in America, and especially those competing with its features.  Here’s a great article that helps think through the creative process and its consequences for others.

Question: Were you as surprised as I was about the car comment?

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