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Monday Challenge 9.7.15 – Blessing the Poor – Just Ask!, Kim Davis, Nigeria,


Good morning. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some articles I found challenging this past week. Here we go:

Kim Davis

For better or worse, it seems like this story is the next in the evolution of religious freedom in the U.S.A. This article talks a lot about when you can ask your employer to make a religious exemption for you.

Question: Where does this issue rank on your “most important” list as a believer?

How to Bless the Poor

Just ask! What a simple answer, written well.

Question: Which of the practical examples did you find most informative?


Persecution. It happens in really awful and difficult ways. This article will not leave you unchallenged.

Question: Is it hard to relate to living like this every day? How can you respond?


Do you want to find success in meditation on the Bible? Read this!

Question: Which will it be: worry or meditation? Interesting challenge, isn’t it?

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