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Monday Challenge 9.4.17 – Charlottesville Declaration, Athletes and Mental Illness, Saving Marriage

Good morning! Some tough topics on the holiday, but worth the ready. Enjoy – and be challenged!

Charlottesville Delcaration

Still processing this, but this declaration helps us understand the concerns and perspectives of our African American brothers and sisters.

Question: Would you sign it? Why or why not?

Athletes and Mental Illness

“It’s okay to not be okay”. Open, honest, conversation and statistics.

Question: How does this help you understand mental illness?

Saving a Marriage

Navigating “I don’t love you anymore” and “I had an affair” and staying married. Powerful testimony of love.

Question: What does this teach us about the nature of love?

The Will of God

This article takes us into the sometimes difficult topic of discerning God’s will.

Question: Can you relate to God better after reading this?


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