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Monday Challenge 9.23.13

Another Monday is here. It’s time for your weekly dose of reading, thinking, and challenging. Enjoy! I’ll be back on Friday with a look at which link drew the most interest.

Link of the Week

If you don’t think religious liberty is being threatened, then think again.  Here’s an article that will give you a bird’s eye view into something happening right now in our nation’s military.

Question: Do you really believe your religious liberty will be threatened in the future?

The Christian Faith

1. This is not popular with culture, but it is Biblical.  This article highlights the four basic needs of women. The site seems pretty good too! Guys should read this!

Question: Men, how can we better meet the needs the women in our lives have?

2. Fathers, love your daughters.  It’s that simple.

Question: This article is a great thinker for why dads should connect with their daughters.  Does this make you think about “how”?

3. Why would a loving God punish anyone in Hell?

Question: If someone walked up to you on the street and asked you this, would you know how to answer?

4. Rick Warren and his wife were interviewed for the first time following their son’s suicide. He’s a pastor so I’m kind of curious to see how a pastor would handle something like this.  If you didn’t see the interview, you can read about it here.

Question: Does this help you understand what a Christian view of suicide should look like?

5. PARENTS: It’s not about you! Your parenting does not create the child. This article confirms that somebody else is thinking what I’ve been thinking.  Here’s one line to entice you: “It’s harder to ruin our kids than we think and harder to stamp them for success than we’d like.” – Kevin DeYoung

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