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Monday Challenge 9.22.14 – Men and Friends, Lecrae’s Calling, Prayer App

Another Monday, another opportunity for growth and challenge. Click away – the article with the most clicks is the one I’ll feature on Friday.

Link of the Week – Are Christians in America persecuted?

Kevin DeYoung (a great source for solid stuff) has a good article about persecution in America: are we persecuted here?

Question: How does this article inform your view of persecution?

The Christian Faith

1. Lecrae has the #1 album. Anywhere. And, he’s a Christian. Did I mention he raps and does hip-hop? If you don’t know much about being a Christian, that combo can set you up for a lot of criticism. His calling is very important.

Question: Has Lecrae sold out? Why or why not?

2. Can an app revolutionize your prayer life? I’m willing to give it a shot.

Question: if you struggle to stay organized in prayer and you have a smartphone, why wouldn’t you try this?

3. Wonder as an anti-depressant. No, I don’t think there is one single magical cure for depression, but a God-honoring suggestion can’t hurt.

Question: If you’ve struggled with depression, does this help?

4. Men should have good friends. Good article which might spur some other thoughts.

Question: Why do cultural taboos like this even exist?


How ISIS works. Very interesting read about this evil organization.

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