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Monday Challenge 9.21.15 – Tough Questions, Women’s Desires, 20 Reasons to Pray


Happy Monday! Well, if such a thing exists, I hope today is close. If not, know the Lord is with you.

I hope you find the following articles encouraging and challenging. Today’s Monday Challenge:

Tough Questions

In a tough environment, this church leaves time for the tough questions. Hmmm…..

Question: How much is questioning a part of our faith?


Here find twenty reasons to engage in prayer!

Question: Which of the twenty help you most?

The Gap Between the Mind and Heart

See this challenging devotion challenging us to understand the distance between the head and heart.

Question: What beliefs have yet to affect your heart?

Women’s Desires

I’m not a woman. But, I did find this article fascinating. Maybe some of my women readers can tell me what they think of it.

Question: Ladies, what do you think? Men, any of this in us?

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