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Monday Challenge 9.2.13

I hope you find some challenge in these articles. Check them out – I enjoy sharing! Friday, I’ll do a quick feature on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

This is a good article. It should help think about the role of leaders, especially leaders of teens. Truth: we don’t need just a cool youth pastor.

Question: Do you see anyone in your life who is young in ministry that you could come along side?

The Christian Faith

1. Believers, are you in touch and in reach?

Question: Well, are you?

2. Do we think through our space this way?

Question: Do you think this intentionally about ministry and opening doors?

3. Two reasons people think the gospels are not reliable. Good reading here.

Question: Do you intentionally shore up your knowledge of your beliefs? Reading things like this can be a great place to start.

4. There really is a tough balance when it comes to church structure.

Question: Did this article shed any light into your thinking about church ministry pace and structure?


Very simply, this is why I love baseball.

Question: Do you have a hobby or interest that makes you think?

The Body and the Mind

Is there a link between what you have in your stomach and mental illness? Reading the whole article linked here is interesting if nothing else.

Question: Are you willing to think outside the medication box when it comes to mental issues?

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