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Monday Challenge 9.15.14 – Adderall, Apathy, Caring for the Sick

Another Monday is here and it’s time for Monday Challenge.  Definitely not the normal topics today. We’ll see how readers respond. I’ll be by Friday with a highlight on the article below that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Culture is apathetic about God in many ways. Even if you don’t know what the word means, a few minutes checking out this article will be a huge benefit.

Question: What did you learn about God’s perspective on apathy?

The Christian Faith

1. I probably have a tough sell when it comes to challenging you to read an article about meeknessI do hope you’ll check this out, though – it really helped me understand it better.

Question: How did your view of meekness change?

2. Yes, there is a history behind care for the sick. And, it has Christian influence.

Question: Did this article challenge you in any specific ways as you think about medical care?


A baseball player was suspended for using a drug often prescribed for those suffering with ADD. This article sheds light on why the drug can be addicting.

Question: Did this article change how you think bout non hard core dugs such as Adderall? How?

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