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Monday Challenge 9.14.15 – Football and Idolatry, Honoring Other Christians, Pastoral Feedback


Happy Monday! It’s time for a new week. That means the time has arrived for a new set of challenging articles. Well, I hope you find them challenging. Without further ado . . .

Football and Idolatry

Does your interest in football (or any sport) affect your emotions or the way you treat others? Maybe the issue is idolatry.

Question: How can you specifically make changes in the way you relate to sports after reading this article?

Pastoral Feedback

This article gives some guidance for how to relate to a pastor right after the completion of a morning service.

Question: How can you specifically encourage a pastor or teacher who has helped you?

Honoring Other Christians

Honoring other Christians can prove difficult. This article challenges us to see the good in other believers.

Question: Are you truly grateful for other believers, even if you disagree with them on some points of doctrine?

Rule of Law

Critical of Kim Davis? Read these 10 questions.

Question: Does this article challenge your view of the rule of law in any specific way?

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