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Monday Challenge 9.12.16 – 9/11, A Free-Living Virgin, Human Approval


Happy Monday! Okay, strong language perhaps. At the very least I hope you stopped by here for a challenge.

Remembering 9/11

These memories from Air Force One brought a lot of perspective.

This tells the story of a selfless hero. In the same situation I hope I would act this way.

Question: What does the event mean to you 15 years later?

Our Country

On a similar note, check out this article’s six ways you can pray for the U.S.

Question: How important to you is praying for the country?

A 32-Year Old Virgin Living the Feminist Dream

Yes, sexual integrity still matters. This author says “A condom can’t protect the heart”.

Question: How did this article reveal what you think or feel regarding sex?

The Gift of Sleep

Going to sleep can tell God He’s got it without us – a powerful thought for sure.

Question: What, if anything, prevents you from getting enough sleep?

The Haunted Hayride of Human Approval

It’s a great image, so let this article challenge your motives.

Question: How often do we gladly go along for the ride?

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