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Monday Challenge 9.1.14 – Selective Outrage, Binge Drinking, Down’s Syndrome Babies

It’s the first Monday of September, Labor Day. I am hoping for a return to “normal” weekly conditions as school is back in session. Throughout the summer, I have struggled to keep this blog current. Hopefully things will change.

For today, four challenging articles. I’ll be by Friday with a highlight and some comments on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Do we have selective outrage? Yes, children being beheaded in Iraq churns our gut. But R.C. Sproul, Jr. gives us a great way to think about our outrage.

Question: How about you? Do you have selective moral outrage?

Christian Faith

1. The wrong kind of Christian. This article shows a concept that is very helpful for believers to understand.

Question: Have you grappled with just how real opposition to the gospel is?

2. The truth about binge drinking on campus. Even if you’re nowhere near the college culture, it’s a great read.

Question: Are you able to think clearly and biblically on issues like this?

Atheist’s Position on Down’s Syndrome Babies

This article includes one of the most bluntly inhumane positions on Down’s Syndrome babies I’ve heard. But, make sure you see who wrote the article and from what position.

Question: Why is Dawkins’ position wrong? Would you be able to explain it biblically?


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