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Monday Challenge 8.8.16 – IS Child Soldiers, Iran Church, Powerful Interview


Another Monday? That means another batch of articles to process. Enjoy. And, be challenged:

IS Child Soldiers

This describes some gut wrenching realities, so beware. A dose of reality can definitely deepen our understanding.

Question: Do these realities affect your daily life in any way? How? Or, why not?

Iran Church

Ready for some encouragement? Check out this encouraging piece about the Church in Iran.

Question: How specifically can an article like this bring you encouragement?

Establishing a Religion?

Should the government establish a religion? Or meddle? If the question intrigues you, you may find this interesting.

Question: How much should the government involve itself with religion?

A Powerful  Interview

The woman interviewed in this piece used to identify as a lesbian. She now identifies as a Christ-follower rejecting the sin of homosexuality. She describes her lectures and Q & A sessions.

Question: Given the chance, what one question would you ask her?

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