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Monday Challenge 8.4.14 – Leading People to Jesus, What Younger People Forget, Millions of Muslims Coverting

Good day! It’s another Monday, and yet another month has begun. This week find five articles to challenge your thinking in a number ways. Here we go. Be challenged!

Link of the Week

What younger people forget. You may not agree with all seven, but it’s definitely an important read. It’s not easy to read about others’ perspectives, but this is a good one.

Question: How doest his article challenge the way you think?

The Christian Faith

1. Ten steps for leading people to Christ.

Question: Any that specifically challenged you? What can you put into practice?

2. The benefits of anxiety and depression.

Question: Have you ever looked at your weaknesses this way?

3. Millions of Muslims are converting to Christ.

Question: How encouraging is this?


12 weak habits leaders should break.

Question: If you’re a leader, which is easiest to identify?

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