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Monday Challenge 8.3.15 – Cost of Friendship, The Womb Month By Month, When Kids Stray


Good morning. I took a break last week from blogging as I participated in a missions trip with a small group from our church. I had a great experience. However I’m glad to be home and glad to share some articles on a Monday morning. Be challenged!

The Cost of Friendship

This excellent article outlines six costs of friendship.

Question: Do you have a friend, a real friend? Is it worth it to you?

The Womb

This article describes what’s going on inside the womb as a baby develops. Very helpful.

Question: Specifically, how did this article help?

Contacting Your Representatives

There is a push in congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Have you thought about how to contact your representatives and let them know how you think they should vote?

Question: Do you think contacting your reps will even do anything?

When Kids Stray

Children who stray from the Christian faith can bring great pain to parents. This article suggests a healthy course through difficult times.

Question: How “firm” do you think parents should be?

Reading Transforms

I don’t know how thorough this research is, but as someone who reads a lot I found it interesting. This article suggests reading can transform our health in many ways.

Question: Can reading keep us from depression?


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