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Monday Challenge 8.24.15 – Katrina 10 Years Later, Killing Comparison, The god of Sexual Freedom

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Good morning! Yes, it’s Monday. Yes, I am writing and sharing. I have felt all over the place this summer (probably because I have been all over), but hopefully today marks the beginning of some sort of routine.

I hope you find the articles below challenging. Enjoy!

Katrina 10 Yrs. Later

Some interesting Hurricane Katrina during/after photos. Ten years is quite a while.

Question: In what ways do you remember large destructive events such as Katrina?

The God of Sexual Freedom

This article explores what the Planned Parenthood videos mean to us. Very challenging.

Question: How does this article challenge your thinking about sexual freedom?

Demand for SSM

Is there demand for same sex marriage? Thinking through the numbers can put the movement in perspective.

Question: Does this information challenge how you think about same sex marriage?

Myths of Loneliness

Check out these powerful myths (and corresponding truths) of loneliness.

Question: In what ways do these truths help you combat the myths of loneliness?

Killing Comparison

This article does a fantastic job of using Bible truth to kill comparison.

Question: How are you tempted to compare yourself to others? How does this article help?

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