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Monday Challenge 8.22.16 – Generational Divide, Adoption Hurdles, LGBT Approach


Good morning! Even if you don’t think “good” applies to Monday and morning, do some mind work. Check out this week’s set of articles posted with the intent to challenge thinking and shape action!

Generational Divide

Here find some helpful words about the the care we should take before dividing as generations.

Question: How does your life and outlook cross generational lines?

Adoption Hurdles

Why do so many families who want to adopt find themselves unable to do so? In a word…abortion.

Question: Does the work to reduce abortion matter in light of this article?

Smashing the Approval Idol

This extremely helpful article will help you smash the approval idol. I really, really, really, hope you like the fact I posted this. (ha!)

Question: How much do you crave approval? What specifically does this article speak to that desire?

LGBT Approach

This level-headed approach to dealing with LGBT students at Christian colleges should speak to our overall approach as believers as well.

Question: What perspectives of yours did this article challenge?

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