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Monday Challenge 8.18.14 – Did I Give Bad Info?, Four Faith-Shaking Moments, Worshiping the Family?

It’s Wednesday night. I’m beginning to dig out of the physical hole created by many nights in a row of very little sleep. I’ve been off my regular blog schedule due to an extended hospitalization of our daughter. We’re glad she’s home, and I’m glad to be back to blogging.

These are the articles I would have posted Monday had I posted a Monday challenge!

Link of the Week

If you read one article about Ferguson, read this black pastor’s one fear of moving back to the U.S. I found it very challenging and informative.

Question: What is important to you as you interact with this story?

Fact Checking on ISIS Stories.

Last week I posted a link to an article saying ISIS is systematically beheading children. This article from a trusted source challenges that claim WITHOUT diminishing the killing ISIS is doing. Either way, getting the truth right is important.

Question: Does this help you think about the importance of truth?

Christian Faith

1. Seven positive ways to use social media as a believer in Jesus.

Question: Which of these can you add to your use of social media?

2. Do you worship your family?

Question: Where do you come closest to having the family be an idol?

3. This article is four youth ministry, but I resonate with it as a senior pastor as well. Four situations YM should prepare students to face.

Question: Which do you find most thought provoking?

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