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Monday Challenge 8.14.17 – Charlottesville, Bad Sermons

Right to it with some links to make you think!


I wish I didn’t have to have links about this. I’m beyond disgust with this. This movement stands for nothing Christian and nothing American.

10 ways Charlottesville and white supremacy can still happen.

White conservative Christians need to oppose this movement.

Racism, in general, is wrong. This article covers the events in Charleston a couple years ago, but the principles transfer easily to current events.

We must speak with moral clarity. This point is huge. This article also includes a number of meaningful tweets from a variety of sources.

Questions: How much do you care about these events? Do you think this is the only kind of racism existing in America today?

Bad Sermons

Some good spin here on bad sermons.

Question: How does this help you understand and make something of the (hopefully) occasional klunker?

The T.V. That Created Donald Trump

Interesting article here about T.V.’s influence on Trump’s persona.

Question: How much do you believe in a connection between The Apprentice and “The President”?

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