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Monday Challenge 8.12.13

Welcome! Below you’ll find some articles I read this past week that I found challenging.  I love sharing them and asking some questions to get readers thinking.  Be sure to check back Friday for the link that got the most clicks by Monday’s readers.  I’ll add a few comments of my own in the Friday Feature article.

Ready for Monday Challenge? Here goes:

Links of the Week

I’ve been preaching through a series on the local church.  These two articles have been very helpful with some specific challenges.  First, are you a part time church goer? Think through how much you are connected to a church throughout a calendar year.  Second, how important is it that you are used in the right way in a local church?

Question: Where does selfishness flare up the most for you when you think about the local church? Notice I didn’t ask whether it does.

The Christian Faith

1. Parents: read this short challenge about children embarrassing you.

Question: Which do you do more: blame or help?

2. Values: What a mistake! Would you have responded this way if you were running the company?

Question: Would have fired the employee that did this?

3. Women: Are you hopeful? This is a great challenge for all of us.

Question: How do you think when you are down?

4. Do you worry a lot? Here is an article about how to combat worry effectively.

Question: Do you really view worry as a sin? If you don’t, check out Matthew 6 and fight it like any other sin.

5. Abortion: Yes, there have been some gains regarding late term abortions.  But this article shows there is nothing drastic that’s been changed.  It’s worth the read.

Question: The question is simple: do you really care about abortion?

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