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Monday Challenge 8.11.14 – Persecution and Response, Character In Leadership, Are You Vulnerable?

Monday challenge. The articles that are shared here are your duty to read if you haven’t exposed yourself to what’s going on. I encourage it most definitely. Challenge almost seems to be an understatement. But, be challenged! And respond . . .


1. It’s really bad in Iraq.

2. It’s not as bad in the U.S. as people think it is.

Question: Do these two articles challenge your view of persecution?

Wondering how to respond?

Click here and here for two opportunities.


This article encourages pastors to be vulnerable. It’s a good challenge for all believers, I think.

Question: Do you have places you go where you are “real” about life and faith?


Character is king when it comes to Christian leadership.

Question: How do you gauge leaders? Does this article help?

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