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Monday Challenge 8.10.15 – Trump and PC, Community Conquers, Leadership and Change


Good morning. I hope your weekend provided rest, relaxation, and spiritual growth and challenge. Challenge? Did someone say challenge? It must be Monday morning.

Before I get to my scrambled eggs and coffee, let me share a few articles I found challenging:

Trump and Political Correctness

This article from David Murray does a great job of helping us think through Donald Trump and the line between “PC” and rudeness.

Question: Trump: rude, or just not politically correct?

High Minimum Wage

Does a high minimum wage really work? This explanation of one company paying all workers $70K per year helps look at the difficulties a high minimum wage can present.

Question: Are all seemingly beneficial ideas good ones?

Leading Change

This article challenges pastors, but can challenge anyone in leadership. Do some work and connect the dots.

Question: If you lead, what are the easiest changes to make?

Community Conquers

Can Christian community conquer culture? This article argues not only that it can, but that it should.

Question: Does this challenge how you view the local church?

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