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Monday Challenge 8.1.16 – Global Warming, Holy Spirit, Church Complaining


August begins today? What happened to July?

Regardless, maybe a Monday challenge will help ease the passing of time.

Good articles. Stop back Friday to see which gets the most clicks!

Global Warming

Two Mondays in a row of AIG articles, but I found this one on global warming challenging.

Question: Does it help to hear a different perspective than you might hear in other places?

The Holy Spirit

What a thorough article showing the scope of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. Some of this will inform my preaching over the next couple Sundays. Read it!

Question: What particular truths stood out to you?


This guy moved to the U.S. recently and has helpful insight for us.

Question: How does this shape your thinking about your identity?

Church Complaining

Good thoughts here regarding complaining vs. fixing when it comes to the local church.

Question: Which represents your primary mindset?

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