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Monday Challenge 7.8.13

Today has been a huge challenge.  How about a blog post for some challenge? I’ll be by Friday with a feature on the article that is most clicked by Monday’s readers.

Link of the Week

We can’t imagine this kind of spiritual warfare.

Action: Will this at least inspire you to pray for the church in regions such as this?

The Christian Faith

1. There are good and bad things for the church regarding gay marriage.  This article does a great job of summarizing them.

Action: How can you be proactive in nurturing a culture of marriage in the lives of those you love?

2. Don’t look for a map when you need a compass.

Action: If you are a map type person, what specific steps can you take to re-orient yourself?

3. Parents: playful summers are recommended! This article has nine ways to have a playful summer. I know this sounds frustrating at times, but structure can take out some of the unpredictability of play, but play is natural and work and challenges them to think and work out problems.

Action: Strike a balance that works for your house!


1. Sports: Check out this crazy batting stance!

Action: How do you react when people do things in a very un-orthodox way?

2. Trafficking: Here’s a great status from an organization that does great things.

Action: Do you at least pray for people fighting these fights, if there’s not much else you can do?

3. Local political action: I don’t think this type of thing will be happening five years from now.  Churches simply won’t be allowed to partner like this, especially Bible-believing churches like the House of the Lord.

Action: Is a teamwork mentality needed to fight crime? I often wonder this about the garbage that happens in my own neighborhood sometimes.

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