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Monday Challenge 7.7.14 – Abortion Industry Self-Destruct, Taking Criticism, Hobby Lobby

Happy Monday everyone. Seriously, is there such a thing? If you don’t like Mondays, at least take some time to give the brain cells a workout! Check out these great articles. And, as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

Will the confusing messages sent by abortion proponents lead to the self destruction of the cause and the industry? Listen, at the very least you’d have to think through an article like this one and wonder out loud how to sort through the types of things detailed.

Question: Does this article prompt you to pray? How?

Christian Faith

1. Apparently the Desiring God blog is still putting out great articles! Seriously, I’ve been challenged a lot by several of their articles recently. Here’s a very powerful article based on Jude and exploring whether or not we make God’s grace into what WE want it to be.

Question: How are you most likely to shape God’s grace into something it shouldn’t be?

2. Here are a couple great points on receiving criticism.

Question: How can these two tips improve how you receive criticism?


1. Hobby Lobby is a company liberals could learn to love.

Question: How important is it to discern companies and their motives versus just taking what you see and hear?

2. Inmates and victims talked. This is an interesting concept.

Question: Is crime prevention the real issue here? Or is it counseling people through difficult circumstances?


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