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Monday Challenge 7.4.16 – Worship Expressions, Church on Vacation, Sin Vs. Mistake


I hope you enjoy your holiday time off. Use these articles to challenge your thinking!

Worship Expressions

Here’s a way to think about expressions of worship.

Question: Can you look “through” others?

Church on Vacation

Do you attend church on vacation? Why or why not? This article provides some practical help.

Question: Does this article change the way you approach your vacation decisions?

Sin Vs. Mistake

How do you discern the difference? This article will help.

Question: What sins have you committed in the past 30 days for which you need to take responsibility?


Have you heard of Elie Wiesel? He passed away recently. This obit will help you learn about someone of particular influence.

Question: What does this mean to you? How can someone else’s life help you?

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