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Monday Challenge 7.3.17 – God Bless America, Act Your Age, Can Atheists Be Good Citizens?

Good Monday morning!

Perhaps you have extra time today or tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll find these articles worth the time.

Be challenged!

God Bless America

Yes, you can say “God Bless America”. That’s what this author argues.

Question: How does this help shape your thinking about God and patriotism?

Act Your Age

Good thought, good title. And, good encouragement from a trusted source.

Question: How can you help and encourage men whose maturity lags?

Our Hurting Nation

A worthwhile read regarding various types of job losses in places you may not see if you live in the big city.

Question: What do articles like these teach you?

Can Atheists Be Good Citizens?

A great look at defining the term and the history of the question. Worth the time.

Question: How did this article change what you think about atheists?

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