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Monday Challenge 7.29.13

Another Monday. Vacation is over for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking on the links. Enjoy the articles, think through the challenges, then be ready for Friday’s post revealing which article was clicked the most.

Link of the Week

Every Christian should memorize these ten things about the New Testament.

For your thought: What basic talking points would you have if someone engaged you in debate about the authenticity and reliability of the New Testament?

The Christian Faith

1. A focus on virginity can ask all the wrong questions.

Question: How powerful was the reminder at the end of this article for you?

2. I preached about church leadership yesterday. Here are some reasons church leaders give up on prayer.

Question: Leader or not, what challenged you most on this list?

3. Speaking of the behavior of Christians, here is an article about drinking. Are you free not to drink?

Question: Do you emphasize your freedom in area (drinking or otherwise) in a way that you forget you are free NOT to do it?

4. How to deal with dramatic girls. Great article.

Even if you’re not dramatic, or a girl: When we are being dramatic, are we reminded of our need for a Savior, or are we really trying to just attract attention to ourselves? (Yes, yours truly can be guilty of this.)


I’ll file this under personality. Do you ask for what you want?

Question: Is it difficult to tell someone you didn’t get what you paid for?



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