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Monday Challenge 7.28.14 – God Exists, How Our Phones Change Us, Pastors and Their Kids

It’s the last Monday of July. And unlike last week, I’m actually posting Monday’s challenge on . . . Monday! What a novel idea, I know.

For today find below four articles. I love to read. I love to share what I read. I hope it challenges you. Friday I’ll be by with a deeper look at the article that gets the most interest. Happy reading. Be challenged.

Link of the Week

Is your phone changing you? This article answers the question in a very helpful way.

Question: What in this article strikes you most? Practical? Theological? Both?

God’s Existence

This article from AIG does a great job of helping us think about how to argue for God’s existence.

Question: How does the passage from Romans 1 help you?

About Pastors

Why the internet is hurting church leaders’ credibility. This article is about pastors, but the principles apply to everyone.

Question: Can YOU engage in healthy dialogue?

…and one about pastors’ kids. A son of my favorite pastor wrote a book about PK’s. I confess I haven’t read it, but interviews such as this one are very helpful for ANYONE who goes to church. I hope to read the book this year.

Question: How did reading this interview help you grow in your understanding of the unique challenges of PK’s?


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