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Monday Challenge 7.18.16 – Trump and Evangelicals, What Cops Can’t Do, Hiding In Shame


Good morning! With another Monday comes another set of challenging articles. Only three today, so make the most of them.

Trump and Evangelicals

Hard to know really what to make of this, so chew on on it yourself. Why do evangelical leaders identify with Trump?

Question: How do you evaluate matters of the heart?

What Cops Can’t Do

We ask our cops to do too much. Good point, good article.

Question: What responsibility might you unassumingly pass to others?

Hiding in Shame

Where will you hide in shame? Good question.

Question. Soooo…..?


  1. Lana Koehler says:

    I read the article on Donald Trump and, while not exactly thrilled with this candidate, I believe we are faced with the “lesser of two evils”. At least Trump is up front about his sinfulness, as opposed to Clinton, who continually skirts the law by invoking privilege.
    Only God knows the outcome for our country. And my hope is in Him.

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