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Monday Challenge 7.13.15 – Instead of Worrying, Listen to Black Christians, Cover or Confront


Good morning. Another Monday has arrived in all its glory. If you don’t find Monday glorious, I understand. Perhaps you’ll settle for a good challenge. Enjoy these articles. I’ve been a bit slack on the Friday Features recently, and will struggle again this week due to time constraints. I’ll do my best!

Listen to Black Christians

This is really challenging, I must say. Jeramy Tisby challenges white believers struggling with the Supreme Court’s decision to view it through the experience of black Christians.

Question: Does the article challenge you to view cultural struggles through different eyes?

Instead of Worrying

Wow, you mean there’s an alternative? Well yes there is. This article by Tim Witmer gives us a brief look at alternatives to worry.

Question: Whether it is this sin or others, do we find fulfilling, viable alternatives to our sin?

Good Accountability

To cover or confront: Ray Ortlund seeks to strike a balance between confronting sin and covering it.

Question: Are we able to confront sin? Do we know when loving and covering is more important?

Jesus Is Praying for You

Jesus is praying for you. Do you want to know how? Read this article by David Murray.

Question: Is this reassuring or what? Wow!

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