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Monday Challenge 7.10.17 – Parenting, Weeping Is Not Weakness, Charlie Gard

Good Monday Morning!

Time again for a few challenging articles. Well, at least I think so. Let these challenge the way you think!


Do you, as a parent, have a fear of “missing out”? This article addresses that in a challenging way.

Question: How much does “missing out” affect the way you construct your schedule?

Big Kids Should Cry More

This powerful look into a medical professional’s struggles can speak to all of us.

Question: How do you evaluate the balance between managing your emotions and professionalism?

Charlie Gard

Don’t know who that is? First, you should. Second, you should consider this article’s claims about medical views of life and the facts that support them.

Question: What might this mean in the future for our society?

Sleeping Less

A brief challenge regarding the world’s view of sleep vs. God’s view.

Question: Do you feel pressure to sleep less?

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