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Monday Challenge 7.11.16 – Needing Grandparents, No Breakfast Before Bible, K-Love Theology


Good afternoon! I missed my morning time frame this week. Still Monday and still time for challenges. Enjoy!


This articles does a great job of showing why kids need grandparents.

Question: Grandparents: how can you have a positive influence in the lives of your kids and grandkids?

The Word of God

Trouble with the mantra “No Bible, No Breakfast”.  Good thoughts here.

Think about maximizing your devotions.

Question: How do these articles shape your approach and practice of engaging God’s Word regularly?

Christian Radio and Theology

Both Air One and K-Love have offerings in our local area. I’ve often wondered about the question this author poses: Is Contemporary Christian Music devoid of theology?

Question: How can this help when we want to jump to conclusions without deeper thinking?


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