Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 7.1.13

July 1st.  New month, same Monday format. Challenging articles, helpful thoughts for application.  I’ll be along Friday with a feature on the most clicked article from today’s post.  Enjoy! And, as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

Satan – he doesn’t only attack our weaknesses.  He can come after our strengths too.

What strengths could Satan attack for you? What could you do to build awareness in this area?

The Christian Faith

1. Here’s one author’s take on how to impact an eroding culture: the church should support more artists.

It is true that the Holy Spirit uses Christians in all fields.  This would be an important segment of culture where the truth needs to be told.  Is there anyone you can support on a grass roots level? It’s worth thinking about.

2. Dads – here is a challenging list of things you can do to fight for your sons.

Which one stands out the most? What can you do about it?

3. What lies do you believe?

As you think through this article, are you willing to admit any specific areas of faulty thinking? Where would this discussion begin for you, or for your marriage, family, church small group, friends, etc.?

4. Here is a FANTASTIC article about how we use our words. For me, this is worth thinking through once a month.  If not enough people click this one, I’ll definitely be re-posting in the future!

Think: where does grace need to show up more in our conversation? What atmosphere is created with our words? VERY challenging.

Hilarious! But, incredibly helpful.

This hilarious video (less than 2 minutes!) helps as much as it makes us laugh.

How can this help you understand your marriage better?

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