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Monday Challenge 6.9.14 – Truth About Marriage Stats, Getting Teens Talking

It’s Monday – time to be challenged. These links won’t disappoint if you’re looking to think through some important topics. Ready, set . . .

Link of the Week

Marriage statistics aren’t as bad as they sound.

Question: Do you need to re-think things you assume are true?

The Christian Faith

1. Is God punishing you or pruning you?

Question: Could you explain the difference to someone after reading this?

2. Why was Judas carrying the moneybag?

Question: Is it hard to hear lessons like this from a Biblical perspective?


1. Getting teens talking – it can seem like a science. This is a link to a book but does have several good ideas.

Question: Have you had success with anything like this?

2. This article encourages readers to raise children – in the Lord.

Question: Do you have a plan to teach your kids the world from God’s view? Does this article help?



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