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Monday Challenge 6.8.15 – Fall In Love Again In Marriage, Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone


It’s Monday. Time for another set of challenging articles – at least I hope you think so. Ready. Set. Be challenged!

The Morning And Your Phone

Desiring God has a piece outlining six wrong reasons to check your phone first thing in the morning. Very challenging.

Question: Which of the six reasons challenged you the most?


David Pendergrass asks: is our culture on a track to accepting all kinds of sexual behavior? You’ll find this read fascinating.

Question: Do you buy the arguments contained in this article?

Three Marriage Habits

Ann Voskamp shares three marriage habits which will help you fall in love again with your spouse.

Question: How difficult is it to keep the love in your marriage fresh? Do these help?

Ministry Suggestions

This article outlines what Joel Smith learned as a tech director. But these great suggestions apply no matter what ministry you may lead.

Question: How does this article help keep you focused as you think about ministry?

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