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Monday Challenge 6.6.16 – “The Talk”, Manhood and Sports, Is Prayer Necessary?


Good Monday morning!

Up for a challenge? Or, just struggling to wake up?

Regardless, here you go:

The Talk

This article summarizes some resources parents can use when the time comes. For the record, I’m not a proponent of an event on this issue – rather, ongoing conversations.

Question: Parents, what’s your approach?

Manhood and Sports

Owen Strachan has some great thoughts about how biblical manhood and sports should intersect (and some thoughts about how they shouldn’t).

Question: What dangers do the idols of sports represent for you (not someone else)?

Is Prayer Necessary?

Good question. Why pray if God knows everything? This article provides some good reminders. Check out the whole website if the topic doesn’t particularly interest you.

Question: Which of the six specific thoughts on prayer in this article help you the most?


This link will get you through to Ligonier’s Tabletalk Magazine for June 2016. The theme of the issue is legalism. The free articles available cover great avenues understanding and combating legalism.

Question: As you think about your faith, what is the role of grace in both salvation and in sanctification (Christian growth)?


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