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Monday Challenge 6.5.17 – Unhappy Christians, White-Only Discipleship, Trump Panic

Good morning. A little slow on my end, how about you?

Maybe a challenge or two will speed things up. Maybe not. Either way, enjoy!

Trump – The Panic President

Articles like this one in The Atlantic make it hard to understand the President Trump experience. Varying levels of criticism and fairness in that criticism just make it so hard to understand!

Question: How accurate is this article?

Emotional Intelligence

An article from a secular source challenges emotional intelligence.

Question: How important is this?

Unhappy Christians

Do unhappy Christians stain the Gospel?

Question: How do you form your thoughts about believers struggling with depression?

White-Only Discipleship

This article argues how “white-only discipleship” hurts us all.

Question: What do you make of the argument and accompanying suggestions?


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