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Monday Challenge 6.29.15 – False Teachers, Not Reading the Bible, Gay Marriage


Good morning. Jesus is on the throne!

And . . . it’s time to be challenged. Yes, it’s Monday again. Here you go!

False Teachers

An older article on a good topic. As many are swept up in false teachers’ webs, these marks should help discern who preaches truth and who preaches falsehood.

Why We Don’t Read Our Bibles

Very good challenge to read our Bibles by looking at why we don’t!

Perspectives on the Gay Marriage Ruling

Each of these four articles has something unique to contribute in response to the high court ruling on gay marriage last Friday.

John Piper – What is shocking is the institutionalization of Romans 1.

Russell Moore – The church should neither cave nor panic.

Scott Sauls – A call to friendship and repentance.

Denny Burk – Within days of the SCOTUS ruling, mainstream media began calling for the removal of tax exemption for churches. This articles shows that many in this movement are really after – the destruction of churches.

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