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Monday Challenge 6.27.16 – Cost of Impatience, Fictional Church, Humility


Good Monday Morning!

Time for another challenge. Enjoy these articles and see how they can challenge the way you think and live!

The Cost of Impatience

A video game profits off people’s impatience. So many lessons.

Question: Have you ever paid money for convenience, or out of impatience? Why?

Fictional Church

Not a pastor? This article may help you think about setting realistic expectations for the local church.

Question: What adjustment can you make as a participant in a local church after reading this article?

Positive Morality

This will stoke you thinking about morality, but you’ll find it well worth the time.

Question: How can you bear a positive witness for morality?


As part of our Akron service project Project Shine, humility is a theme of focus of the week. This article adds much to consider on the topic.

Question: What steps can you take to increase humility in your life?




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